Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Guide To Online Dating and Matchmaking

We now have a FREE online e-book for you to read
Its called A Guide To Online Dating and Matchmaking 21 pages of great reading
Here is a sample of page 1
Bless your beautiful hide
Wherever you may be
We haven't met yet
But I'm willing to bet
That you're the one for me!
And so goes the song from the Hollywood classic of yesteryears, 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' and this song is precisely what online dating is. Online dating is in, in, in! Gone are the days when mothers used to escort their daughters to ball room dances and help them choose partners from the boys.

That was something that passed into oblivion with the last century or even earlier than that. In those days single people met at parties and other social gatherings and had to choose partners judging just by outer appearances, a very superficial choice indeed! Nowadays thanks to the Internet, the outward appearance has become the last criterion for selection.

Why You Need To Know More...
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