Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alternative Dating is it right for you ??

ALT is the largest internet BDSM/fetish personals destination with millions of active members, Alt was one of the first adult sites built for the alternative lifestyle community. That's because we realized early that the BDSM/fetish crowd was not about quick sex, but about the lifestyle, about community building, about expressing yourself, about exploring the kinky edges of sexuality -- in a safe and friendly environment.
Back when ALT was first launched, not only did the idea of online dating still raise eyebrows, but alternative lifestyles and activities carried a stigma. ALT was founded on the understanding that being kinky is not something to hide, and that if you're kinky, you're not alone -- there are millions of people out there just like you.
Thanks to this attitude, plus the ability to bring the global ALT community together in a worldwide strength of numbers, ALT has helped the BDSM/fetish community establish a more legitimate presence in the contemporary world. Right now ALT goes out in 6 languages and has members in almost every country, so our members can extend their search for kindred kinky souls over the entire planet.
Online Altstyle Networking: The Alt Difference is designed with the kink community in mind right down to profile questions that let members be really specific about their fetishes, their chosen lifestyle, their preferred activities and sexualities. We also actively use feedback from member polls, member input in advice columns, member email comments, to insure that ALT excels in harnessing the collective energy of the alt lifestyle community.
We realize that ALT members have very specialized interests which drive them to seek out kinky folk tuned in to their specific frequencies -- they may be looking for a discussion group on a particular fetish or for that special ambience created by 24/7 dominants and their collared submissives. That's why on ALT you'll find chat rooms, bulletin boards, and topical discussion groups; forums for members to exchange advice and report success stories; magazine content that shares the skills of sexy, kinky experts. Check it out today HERE

You can also check out our Alternative Dating Site here


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